Unit 6

What you need to know for your test!


Important words and phrases p. 175 in your workbook.
G1 in your handbook (review only).


A129-133 in your handbook.

Check out exercises 159, 163, 165.


E24-28, E33-37, E41-42 in your handbook

Check out exercises 178, 179, 180.

Click on Grammar in a Nutshell 6 for the grammar presentation of this unit.

Worksheets grammar: Prepositions – Past perfect or past simple – Adverbs-adjectives


You can find an example letter (exercise 183) below and another one in the key for Unit 6. Mind my notes on the right hand side!

When writing, their is not just one correct letter. More options are possible. Don’t forget!

Check out the exercises in your workbook and information in your handbook (C23-27, C29-32) before the test.

Letter exercise 183