Year 3

This final year will start by preparing for your writing exam. If you have managed to finalise the first two years without any problems, you will take the writing exam at the end of the first period. We will prepare by working at Taalblokken online and working on the hand out.

In the fourth period of your final year (once again, this is specifically for people who have finished their previous work) we will be working on your speaking skills. You will do two speaking exams. One will be a conversation, one-on-one with your teacher. The other one will be a presentation in front of a small group.

If – unfortunately – you haven’t passed your English tests and tasks in the first (two) years, your programme will vary slightly because you will have to work hard to finish your other work first!

1st term

Click here for the study guide. Remember, this is your basis!
More work may be required!

  • Find your vocabulary list here.
  • Find the prepositions you need to study here.
  • Finish all the spelling and grammar on Taalblokken online (A1-B2)
  • Do all the writing exercises in the writing file (+ extra writing exercises if given in class): hand this in before the final week of term 1!

4th term

Click on the right study guide for your overview.