Skills 3

Before your test…

    • Do all the exercises in your book: Taalblokken, chapters 7 – 9
    • Check the exercises (worksheets too)
    • Sign off
    • Finish your translations: Top 20 Business Vocabulary, chapters 11-13
      (click here to save the document)
    • Check your translations, study them: NL-E!
    • Sign off


  • Top 20 Business Vocabulary, chapters 11-13 (the ‘official’ translations!)
  • Future tense: click here. Look at the four different form of the future and the conditions. Check out the conditionals here as well!
  • Make sure you have finished and study all of Spelling & Grammar A2 +
    B1 ’03 Spelling: verschillen tussen Brits en Amerikaans Engels’ on Taalblokken (online).
    This will also come back in your test! Check out this grammar worksheet!

Mind: you will get lots of grammar in this test. So please review the previous tenses as well!!!


(Skills 3 – grammar worksheet key)