Skills 3

Before your test…

    • Do all the exercises in your book: Taalblokken, chapters 7 – 9
    • Check the exercises (worksheets too)
    • Sign off
    • Finish your translations: Top 20 Business Vocabulary, chapters 11-13
      (click here to save the document)
    • Check your translations, study them: NL-E!
    • Sign off


  • Top 20 Business Vocabulary, chapters 11-13 (the ‘official’ translations!)
  • Future tense: click here. Look at the four different form of the future and the conditions. Check out the conditionals here as well!
  • Make sure you have finished and study all of Spelling & Grammar A2 +
    B1 ’03 Spelling: verschillen tussen Brits en Amerikaans Engels’ on Taalblokken (online). This will also come back in your test! Check out this grammar worksheet! 

Because I forgot I had actually already created a worksheet, I made another one! This time, with even more grammar (because there is lots of grammar in this test, even more than last year)! Click here for the newest (and more extensive) grammar worksheet.

Like I said: you will get lots of grammar in this test.
So please review the previous tenses as well!!!