In year 1 you have to create a presentation about a Dutch city.
In year 2 you have to give a presentation on a city in an English speaking country.
This can be Great Britain but also the United States of America, Canada or Australia.
Please use the PechaKucha method to make this presentation.

Year 1: Click on PechaKucha city NL for more information.
Year 2: Click on PechaKucha city UK for more information.

In short: make your ‘PechaKucha’ in PowerPoint. Fill 20 slides with photos of your chosen* city and put a timer (20 seconds) on your presentation. If you want you can include some keywords (year 1)… Click on the links here and here for more information about Pechakucha and this style of presenting.

*You can choose a city but I have to give the OK (because it would be boring to hear the same stories over and over again).

Read the assignment carefully and the document in the next link will give you an idea of how you will be marked. Spreken A1 Beoordelingsmodel (3punts)

In year 3 you’ve got to do your speaking exam. You can find the information here!
You’ve also got to do a conversations exam. It’s fairly similar to the one you did last year, but just in case… I’ve got some exercises so you can practise! Click here to open the document!