Before actually doing your presentation, you’ve got to study some sentences that you can (and should) then use in your presentation. You can find the sentences here!

In year 1 you have to give a presentation on a city in an English speaking country.
This can be Great Britain but also the United States of America, Canada or Australia or…….(you name it!)
In year 2 you have to do a presentation on an international business in an English speaking country.

Year 1: Click on Presentation for more information.
Year 2: Click on Presentation FAB or Presentation MCE / SB for more information.

Read the assignment carefully!

Please make sure you don’t just copy your text from Wikipedia (or whatever website – that would really just be plagiarism) because we want to hear the story in your words! Of course you can use everything you read to write your own presentation.

In year 3 you’ve got to do your speaking exam. The information for your exam will be given to you as a hand-out and will be placed on the I-drive. You’ve also got to do a conversations exam. This is fairly similar to the one you did last year, but obviously a bit more difficult (and it will be graded more strictly!).