Quantifiers: some/any, each/every


We use “some” to talk about a quantity or number without being precise.

There are some apples left.
Would you like some tea?

When do you use “some”?

  • with affirmative sentences
  • in questions when the answer is probably yes
  • with offers and requests


We use “any” to talk about a quantity or number that may or may not exist.

Have you got any suggestions?
I have never had any problems.

When do you use “any”?

  • in questions (remember, if the answer is probably yes, you use some!)
  • in negative sentences (with not or never)

Exercises on some and any can be found here and here.


We use “each” and “every” to talk about all the members of a group of people or things.

Each = “every one, regarded individually“.

Every = “every one, regarded as a whole“.

You can do an each/every exercise here.