Unit 1

Study the following for your test:



Wordlist Unit 1 : know the words below. Don’t come up with something else, just study the words from your book to get full points!

Sentences Unit 1 : please study the sentences carefully. You can get 2 points per sentence!



Click on: Grammar in a Nutshell 1 to open the powerpoint presentation for more information on all the grammar topics for this unit.

In Unit 1, you learn about:

  • Personal pronouns
  • Articles
  • Plurals
  • Present simple

More info about each of these can be found below.



Countries & Nationalities: know the name of the country and what the people in that country are called. So someone who lives in Germany  (Duitsland) is called German (Duitser).


More about grammar!


Personal Pronouns

Click here for an exercise on personal pronouns. Here is one more and click here for another one!


So: if you talk about something general, use ‘a’ or ‘an’ (in Dutch: ten). You use ‘an’ when the following words starts with a vowel-sound (klinkerklank). Use ‘the’ when you mean something specific, for example: the toxic apple that was given to Snow White. Check this explanation out as well…

Click here for exercise 1 – exercise 2 – exercise 3 and 4.


Above you can find the spelling rules to make plural nouns. Make sure you know them by heart. Of course there are always exceptions. They are called irregular (7 + 8). Please fill in the following worksheet! Click here to download.

Click here for an online exercise.

Present Simple

Click here for an explanation (in Dutch) and a couple of exercises to practice this part of your English grammar.

Practise your present simple (or simple present) herehere and here.