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Didn’t have a lot of/any English in primary or secondary school? Or did you forget whatever you did learn before?
This page is to help you understand all the basic English words (and grammar)!

Click on Back to Basic for some very basic information on English. 
In the document, you can find various links to YouTube videos. You will also see that there are worksheet with almost every category. Want to work on the subject? Check the list below for the right document!

Links to helpful websites:
– Alphabet
– Time

Click here for a picture dictionary Dutch-English (unfortunately without sound).

The two most important verbs are ‘to have’ (hebben) and ‘to be’ (zijn). It is very important to know these by heart (in their different forms). In the worksheets you can practise ‘to have’ and ‘to be’ in the present simple (tegenwoordige tijd), because that is how you start English grammar!