Enjoy your autumn break!


Writing Exercise B2

You are a marketing director’s assistant. Your company is planning a big promotion campaign. You have been asked to come up with some good ideas and delegate the tasks to your co-workers.

You are going to write a proposal for your co-workers to inform them of the campaign, your ideas and requirements.

Before you write our proposal, write down some notes on your company’s activities and the promotional campaign. You might work for a publishing company that wants to promote a new book. Or maybe you work for a film festival organizer that wants to inform the public about their upcoming event. You may decide.

Once you have decided on your starting point, you can write the proposal.

Include the following points:

  • A short introduction to the campaign: What do you want to promote?, What is your target group?, What is your objective?
  • A list of promotional activities. Think of at least four activities. For each activity, write down which preparations and how many people are required.
  • Don’t forget to give a few dates: When will the campaign take place?, What will be done when?, etc.

You have a lot of creative freedom with this assignment. Take advantage of that;)