No Pearson? No problem!

If you’re not doing Pearson (at a particular moment), then you can continue working on Taalblokken. Please finish the reading and listening parts of chapter 9 in your book (so your book will be finished by Friday the 22nd of June)!

You can do this by yourself but at school! You can work in the hallways or the so called ‘lesplein’. Please let me know you’re here before you get to work! (So I can sign you off. If I don’t see you, I will put you on absent…)

Obviously you can still get busy preparing for Pearson as well.
You can do that through the following link: Pearson.

–> Lesson Up: Pearson Prep!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor pearson


Writing Tips (B2)!

Check out this presentation here for some final tips.


Here’s some information on your Pearson exam. Please check this out carefully!

Pearson exam instruction


You can find tips on how to write in English on this website here.

Also check out the documents in my folder on the i-drive (year 2: Pearson) and/or here.

For some writing practice, please check out the exercises below.

  • Write a note to your employer explaining why (and when) you will be absent from work. Write approximately 30 words. 
  • Write an email to your friend about the new house you have just bought. Include a description of the house’s location, the size, shape etc. write approximately 50 words. 

When it comes to reading, you may want to take a look here.

For listening, watch TV (BBC for example), Netflix (leave out the subtitles or set them to English for reading practice), listen to the radio and, ultimately this will be good for speaking too, sing along! (I personally really enjoy listening to BBC radio 1, it’s similar to the Dutch 3FM.)

For speaking, read out loud, sing along, copy what people (on TV or on the radio) are saying to get the right pronunciation. Check out the exercise below for some practice!


Listening B2

Please click on the link here to open my presentation for this morning!

This video is at B1 level.
Question: does money make people happy (in this interview)?

Year 2: reading & listening

This year you’ll have to do your reading and listening exam.
You have practised these skills through Taalblokken but it may be wise to also look at a practise exam (online). Please click on the link here for some example exams.

You will be doing a B1 exam, so please try these out during the lesson/at home.
Check out the tips below as well!