SO presentation sentences

I made a mistake in your SO, sentences 3 and 6 are the same… My bad.
Instead of 6 (on paper), please translate the sentence below:

“Nog een korte samenvatting van mijn hoofdpunten.”


Writing exercise

Step 1: read this article on Daily Mail

Step 2: read the complete vacancy here

Step 3: watch the video below on how to write an application email

Step 4: you’ve become really excited after reading the vacancy and you’re really eager to get this job. Now you need to write your application letter (in Word). Obviously you’re not going to apply for real (even though that would be cool), but please send me ( your application instead.

Include your experience in communication (in this case you may exaggerate a little), social media, your love for travelling and learning (and so on).

Reading exercise

Please click on the link here for a reading exercise on online shopping.
(The text will start to scroll automatically, try to read along!)

If you have trouble reading, you may want to listen to the story instead. You can do that here.

  1. Click here for the gap-fill exercise.
  2. This text juble exercise here is another way to read the story!
  3. Can you spot the difference? This story is written in three different levels. The above exercises are at level 5. Do you think that is too difficult or too easy? There is a level 4 and a level 6. Please check out the different levels here. Which level is best for you?